Friday, September 16, 2011

Water Towers and Big Bottles

My Grandson-in-law, Jim posted some pictures of a tower on his
web site and it reminded me that I always wanted to know the answer to this, but thought I would sound too dumb to ask.
“Why on earth do they make water tanks that are set on stilts that almost reach the moon”
Did they explain it in school or did I drift off and miss out. So now that it is easy to find answers I looked it up on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the world wide web.

A water tower or elevated water tower is a large elevated drinking water storage container constructed to hold a water supply at a height sufficient to pressurize a water distribution system.
It has something to do with gravity and pressure and all that boring stuff. However the article led me to the worlds largest catsup bottle. Something I know you are dying to know about. I mean who wouldn’t want to know about the world’s largest catsup bottle. It seems to be very well known, but I had never heard about it before.  The Bottle