Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So how was your day?

 A few blogs back,  I told you about my Cable bill being $38 less than normal. Well, that was a short lived fantasy. Today I get one and it's $38 more than it normally is. So I called and talked to someone, I don't know if she was from Guam or New Zealand, but she sure wasn't from around here. I had a hard time understanding her and she had an even harder time understanding me. This is the gist of the conversation. It seems that I only paid part of my bill last month. So they tacked that part I didn't pay to this one. I told her I already had that part figured out, but why did you tell me last month that the bill was $38 less than normal? I got frustrated trying to make sense of what she was saying. 

Well okay, no need to argue with her. She is just doing her job.