Saturday, March 10, 2012

TV Hogs and Other Problems

What is wrong with my kitchen TV?  The remote seems to be working because if I press a button on it, it says 6 and if I press another button it says 66, and another button it says 666. It will not mute or change volume or channels. I have to use the buttons on the TV to even turn it off and on.  So I put my brilliant mind in gear and decided the batteries must be dead or almost dead.  So I put in new batteries. Still nothing works right. It’s still doing the very same thing.  Then I told myself, there has to be something wrong with the stupid remote. So I stared at it, while thinking I may have to go buy a new remote. While staring at it, I discovered the number six key was caught by one edge and wouldn’t allow anything else to work. Easy fix, but why did it take so long to figure it out. Have I always been this way or am I just developing a case of feeble-mindedness? It was doing the same thing last night and I decided to put the problem on hold until I felt like dealing with it.

I remember when we got our first TV, I think we only had 3 channels, and remote meant far away or distant, the devise had not been invented yet, at least for a TV.  But we had 3 kids, so tell one of the kids to go change the channel. Well, the Remotes grew up and left home so we had to argue who should get up and change the channel. That didn’t last long, I discovered you could buy one and if your TV was fairly new it would work on it.
 So the husband got a new remote for Christmas that year. Because it was a gift, he felt he was in charge of it. From that day forward we watched Football, Basketball, Baseball, Roller Derby, Wrestling, United Kingdom with Marlin Perkins, and did I mention Football.  Can you believe I haven’t watched a game of Football since he died and went to heaven. My TV doesn’t even recognize that channel anymore.