Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Big House

This is my brother, Gene.  He is an auctioneer. When he was little he talked so fast and with a little jibber jabber mixed in, Hardly anyone could understand him. For some strange reason I was the only one that could understand him. One day he said to Mom, "Whestolc getosaw ppwp; jlktlrl.,usz jesil". Mom looked at me and asked, " What did he say?"  He said, "when you go to town buy me some shoe strings". Mom thought I had magic powers. She always asked me to be the interpreter. Now he is an auctioneer and talks as fast as he pleases with a little jibber jabber and nobody questions it at all.

I might also add, because I am so proud of it, he is the former Chief of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. 
Gene and his business partner, John. 

They auction everything from pots and pans to livestock and Real Estate. 

This is the rest of the house. It wasn't jail, but I always said, "I live in The Big House".

I no longer had to store anything under the bed. It had a full basement.
I think that stuff on the ground that looks like snow was ash from the Mount St Helen's Eruption. 
The tree is leafed out so I know it wasn't winter. No date on the picture of course.  

One day it snowed. This is my current residence. Minnie Pearl says, "What happened to my yard?"
This was in 1997. Aha, the date was on the picture.

A whole post without one single picture or word about a grand kid.