Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do Wishes Come True

     One day about 22 years ago I went out to Moxee to visit my son and family.  As I was standing looking out their front window, I noticed their neighbor across the street had a brand new car in their driveway. I said, “ Wow, that’s a nice car, I wish I had it parked in my driveway." The neighbor was a police office and you know they make tons of money, so a few years later he bought another new car. By then, my son had come up in the world a couple notches, so they bought the neighbors old car for a second car. 

Now, fast-forward about 20 years. One day I am driving down the road and wrecked my car. Crash! Bang! Totaled in a matter of seconds. It was now a piece of junk and had to be hauled to the dead car cemetery. I was still alive and kicking, but was now without car and being penniless I could not run out to the car lot and buy another one.  

My son, having a generous nature, decided to donate their second car to me. I suspect there may have been an alterative motive behind it. I think he could have possible been having visions of hauling me to the doctor three times a week and to the grocery store on alternate days. 

After 20 years, my wish of having that car in my driveway has happened. It's now 22 years old, but its in my driveway. Be careful what you wish for, it will come true. Now some would even take that a step farther. Everything happens for a reason or there is a reason for everything. If that’s true then the reason I had the accident was so I could have that car parked in my driveway. There was no other way to get it in my driveway. 

There it is! In my driveway !