Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Dream of Good Food

Take the yolk of ten eggs and beat them up well
Than take a cup full of cocoa, and chocolate as well.
Mix them together and stir them up well
Of butter, a quart, like a pure golden stream
Add two cups of sugar, and a pint of rich cream.
Such are the things of which prisoner’s dream.
A bowl full of peaches so ripe and round.
Mix in some berries—perhaps just a pound.
Pile up the lot, the whole of the mound,
Chop them and crush them, so luscious and sweet.
Without them no effort would be quite complete,
With good things our mixture will soon be replete.
Nuts must be added, nuts of all kind,
Anything else that happens to mind:
So all of the good things we’re able to find,
Anything else that happens to mind;
So all of the good things we’re able to find
Walnuts and Cashew, Pecan and Brazil
With tidbits like this our basin we fill,
Just mention a one, it’s grist for our mill.