Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Pictures

I have been showing you pictures of my girls so here are the boys. These are the great grandson's with their mother. Deena is my oldest granddaughter. Babies are Dylan and Tylor. 
Dylan and Tylor a little older.
Their mother used to drop them off at my house when she went to work and I would give them breakfast and take them school later. 
  This may have been the day  I caught them picking my green tomatoes and throwing them across the yard. If you can survive the grandkids, and all that they do, you have a good chance of living to a ripe old age. 

This is AJ the older brother of the twins getting in the pool. This was his second birthday. The other boy is his cousin Jake. 

A J (Anthony) grew up and bought himself a motorcycle. One day he came out to go to work and it had been stolen. The police found it in a short while, but it had  damage done to the wiring and it cost to repair it. 

They are semi adults here.