Saturday, April 28, 2012

Next to Nothing

My duck visitors. They only like my yard. Now that I had it sprayed, they may not find it so appetizing. I see them almost every day.  

Granddaughters before they grew up.  The youngest one had not arrived yet. 
All six together, which doesn't happen very often these days. From left Laura, Molly, Cora, Emily, Katie and Deena. 

I had this beautiful field of dandelions, which I have mowed down each week. I called the spray people, and they came and sprayed my beautiful yellow flowers. At least the neighbors will appreciate it, if not the grass will for sure. The ducks are back. I live a couple miles from a park that has a lot of ducks living there.  I think they live on bread because people bring their kids and a loaf of bread and feed them daily. There are two ducks that like to visit my front yard, they come back each year and just hang out there. They are tame. I can go out to the mailbox, and they just sit there and look at me like I’m invading their privacy. Or maybe they are checking me out for a loaf of bread. Sorry about that Daisy and Donald, I haven’t had any bread in my house since I went on a diet. 
If it weren’t for doctor visits, I wouldn’t have much to do. One place called to change the date of an appointment, so while I had her on the phone I cancelled the appointment. I was planning to call, but she made it more convenient by calling me. They gave me shots for lower back pain and they did absolutely nothing for me. Then I took the pain pills they prescribed and I couldn’t handle the side affects so I quit them. I am tired of supporting their moneymaking operation. Once a doctor gets you on their books, they never let you go again. 
I’ve said about all I have to say, which is never much.