Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Day the Phone Took Over

Last night I accidentally called my brother, Ray. We only talk to each other about once in every 5 years or so. He lives in another state. For some strange reason I had put his phone number in my new cell, and fumbling around with the phone, it accidentally dialed his number. 
I thought I heard a phone ringing and put the phone to my ear, and a lady said, “hello”. I said, “well, uh hmm er I wonder who I called?” 
The voice said, “ This is Jo Lockwood.”  Then I said, “ Oh, I remember you, you’re married to my brother, Ray.” 
We were both laughing by now. I told her I had accidentally called their number, and she thought it was hilarious, since I never call it on purpose. 
We had a great time hashing everything over, and then Ray got on the phone and we gabbed about everything from our days at Rosehill School when we were kids.  How we read all the books in the two little bookcases they had. How we both still love to read. He borrows books from their library in the large print because he is almost blind, but he can still read those.  
He brought me up to date on the house we lived in on McGeorge when we moved to Stillwater. All the huge college buildings they have built there. I asked if they had built anything across the street where they used to practice football. He said it was still the same. They still practice there.  
They don’t have a computer so we can’t do email and facebook. I didn’t even tell him about the Kindle reader. It would be perfect for him because you can set the print as large as you need. 
We have been separated all these years by the many miles and in the past long distant phone calls were very expensive so we just drifted apart.  I think it’s kind of strange that I accidentally called his number. My subconscious must have been doing something behind my back. I know this is a boring post, but oh well, aren’t they all.