Friday, May 11, 2012

The old days

This is Glencoe, Okla. January1914.  I now have a few relatives living around there, because of my parents, I might add. Have you  heard of this fire?  I remember Glencoe having a store called Jake Bunn's. I believe that is the correct spelling. That store became famous in the state of Oklahoma because it had shelves that went to the ceiling and all shelves were filled. I doubt if any inventories were taken. It was famous because if anyone was looking for an item and couldn't find it they would be advised to go to Jake Bunn's. He had everything, and knew where everything was. 
My Dad was 14 years old when this fire happened. He could have been in this photo for all I know. It has been rebuilt and may even have a fire dept by now. I'll bet they didn't have one then.  I am enclosing the link that the picture came from. It has a very good story taken from a letter a woman wrote about when her family moved from Kansas to Oklahoma. Also has a few more pictures. 

  The link is: Aunt Beulah's Story