Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Same Old Drill

Yesterday was a holiday, same drill. Just a different day, and they didn’t deliver the junk mail.  I made a Nurse visit today. I get a shot every two weeks and they call it a Nurse visit. I call it the weighing station. I feel like a truck pulling off the highway to be weighed. Maybe the sky would fall if they don’t know how much I weigh. It’s okay because I have been losing, but they never seem to notice. I guess it’s just a number and a rule they have to follow. I lost 4 pounds this time and the last time I had lost 5. You would think they could have some colorful balloons drop from the ceiling and some chimes or something. They could at least look astonished, alarmed, dumbfounded, overwhelmed, shocked or anything. Even Weight-Watchers used to clap their hands if you lost. 

My cell phone rang two times within the hour. I’ve had it for a month and this is the first time anyone has called. I’m so popular. The first caller wanted to know if Paul was hanging around. Sadly, that was a wrong number. This time when I said ‘hello’ they said nothing. I thought they might at least mention my weight loss.