Sunday, June 3, 2012


This is Leah, it was taken last Christmas.

This is Chloe, taken recently.

The weekend was fun. My daughter and her lesser half came over from Tacoma. In case you think I’m despicable, you should hear the things he calls me.  Now we’re almost even. 
My granddaughter and her other half, and their daughter came over and we went out to eat. It was fun, except I was seated directly under a freezing ice-cold blast of air. They should furnish overcoats for those who get seated in that chair.  
Chloe the Great Grand was entertaining to say the least. 
Nothing new, nothing old. 
Till next time.   


Keri said...

They are sooo beautiful! I hope you'll share the cute things they must say sometime!

Cora Huffman said...

We had fun, but next time we will have to pick a quieter, and warmer restaurant. Although Chloe loved it and she slept all night Saturday, I wish I could say the same for last night but what can you do?

Lorrene said...

Keri, one thing that Chloe says and we think is funny. She says her Daddy's name is Jim, her Mommy's name is Mommy.
I'm not sure how funny Jim thinks it is.

Lorrene said...

Another thing Chloe said in the above picture. She had never been able to open the door before and this time her mother asked her, "How do you open the door?" This time it opened and she turned and said, "Like that."

Stephanie Frieze said...

They are so cute at that age. Relations and relationships are so complicated.

Lorrene said...

Stephanie, the relationship with my son-in-law is great. We are just pretending we don't like each other.

SIL said...

At least I don't fly a broom. Karen's "lesser half"

The kind hearted MIL said...

Have you ever seen me flying a broom? I think NOT. You tend to have an inflated imagination.