Monday, June 11, 2012

Park Day

It was 82 degrees here today so I went to Randall Park. I can no longer walk very far because of my back, but I wandered around a little. First lesson, I learned the hard way, is do not wear Sandals to a park.  Walking in the grass is okay, but not the trail with all the pebbles. So I got a pebble in my shoe the first thing.  I hobbled to a tree with a picnic table under it and sat a long while. 
I was not at a loss for company. A lot of folks and their dogs were walking by and I talked to most of them. One woman sat down at my table and we talked for over an hour while her friend was looking for his dog. He has a Siberian Husky and didn’t have the leash on her, so she took off. I guess she found the creek and wouldn’t get out of it. She said the dog loves water. We could see him trying to coax the dog out of the creek. I guess he learned the leash lesson like I learned the Sandal lesson.  When I go again I’ll dig out my clodhoppers and wear them.  I took some pictures of the trees. The next time I’ll park on the end where the duck pond is. At least I can find a duck to take a picture of.