Saturday, July 21, 2012

My World

Who moves your stuff around when you live alone? I had two important pieces of mail last week and they disappeared off this earth. I didn’t touch them so where are they? At least they weren’t that important. One was a reminder to get my drivers licenses renewed.  I think I can remember that one. The other one was a notice to have my car tabs renewed. They are not due until September so why remind me two months early. I guess they must have heard about me, they know I’m slow. After spending hours looking for the letter, I finally thought I might have the receipt from last year. Problem solved, it only took a minute to find it. It has the VIN number and all that vital stuff I need to know to get it renewed. 

Here are some random pictures. 

This is my oldest great grand, taken a few years back. I think this
is Ponderosa Lake in Idaho. His name is Anthony.
Just because I like sunsets.

A cute little girl eating a green ice cream cone.
Her name is Chloe, and she is another great grand.

I like to shock my family with these ancient pictures of them.  Karen, Dennis and Katie.