Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Watch the Tree Eater

I mentioned in a blog a few days ago that my watch no longer worked and I was shopping for a new one. 
I have looked in several stores and couldn’t find one that suited me. Yesterday I was rummaging through a dresser drawer for something, and imagine my surprise when I found a box and when I opened it, it had  four perfectly good watches in it. They need  new batteries. I sold watches on Ebay at one time. The bottom fell out of that business venture and I had these watches left over so I stuck them in a drawer. Isn’t that what drawers are for? I took one over to Shopko and got a new battery and it works fine. I have a lifetime supply of watches on hand. If you considered my age, that wouldn’t  be much of a fabulous happening, but I won’t go into that. 

I also told you and showed pictures of the tree that fell on the neighbors house. I have updated pictures.  Life is getting dull here in blog land. This is also cutting into my valuable nap time.  

This is my new watch. This one is Freestyle Tabu. I still  had the picture of it.
And if I wear something that doesn't go with blue, do you think I care?
Not much damage if any. My tree is looking pathetic.  
The men are feeding the tree to the hungry tree eater.