Monday, November 12, 2012

This Wild Weird World

This is kind of a twightlight zonie type of thing, but it actually happened.
I do not believe an inanimate object can vanish into thin air, such nonsense just cannot happen. One day several weeks ago when I moved out of my recliner to retire to the bedroom, I cleared off the stand by my chair. My corner in the living room is my castle, I always straighten up the end table, so I moved the junk mail to the trash can and other items went into the proper place, The only things left on the stand was the remote control, a coaster, and the laptop.  The next morning I was going to set my coffee on the coaster, and the coaster was gone, vanished, vamoosed, disappeared, left, moved out, departed. I was baffled, puzzled, perplexed, mystified, and befuddled. I searched everywhere, under the stand, under the chairs and cushions, in the waste  basket. I finally gave up.
One day I took a flash drive out of the laptop, and the last I recall of it, it was in my hand. It has also joined the departed coaster. I gave up.
Saturday, I finished knitting something, and put the knitting needles on a hassock that is nearby and later I wanted to start another project and I reached for the needles, and there was only one needle. At first I thought it had just rolled off on the floor and I get up to retrieve it, and it was not on the floor, or under anything. I had not been anywhere, and I live alone. Luckily I had another set of needles that size, but shorter. They work for what I am making.
Later that day I remembered my son had asked for a picture of an old car he had when young, so I decided to look for it.  The box of pictures was in the corner in the spare bedroom back under a table and I have not looked in that box of pictures for months and maybe a year. While searching for the picture, and toward the bottom of the box, was the missing coaster. I kid you not! The goose bumps went up my spine. There are four coasters in that set, and I had accounted for the other three. It is the one that was missing.
The knitting needle and flash drive are still in hiding.
I Googled to see if such things happen to others, and was amazed with the stories about it.