Thursday, January 3, 2013

Walmart Event

Here is my list, go find it.

Not much to do except watch the snow melt. I went to Wal-Mart for a few things. One thing on the list was one light bulb for the front steps so the paper carrier doesn't break her neck and sue me. Just a simple light bulb is all I was in search of.  In the first place, finding something on that six acres the store covers is like searching for the Lock Ness Monster. I kept asking store clerks, and they were only posing as store clerks, they were vendor’s. Never ask a vendor where anything is, they don’t know. I’m not the only one that mistakes vendor’s for store clerks. I heard one couple ask one where the peanut butter was. They have more vendor's than store clerks. I finally found a genuine store clerk, and she knew exactly where they were. They have a billion different kinds, blue light bulbs, pink, mood, red and even a black bulb. What is the object of putting a light inside a black bulb? There must be a reason because they had some. I finally found an ordinary looking bulb, but they only come, four in a package.  I'm 84 years old, why do I need more than one. Not only that, they last for 9 years if used properly.  I now have a 36 year supply of light bulbs. They better bury those bulbs with me so when I get there I can light up the place. 
I can always milk something out of the Wal-Mart to blog about.


Is this a vendor or a store clerk?