Saturday, June 15, 2013

The cows finally came home, but pigs still can’t fly.

 We have finally arrived, nothing left to invent or is there. Once upon a time the world was not so complicated; telephones had one purpose, to relay messages vocally. Now they do everything, but pick your teeth. Before phones there was only one way to let someone know where you were or to ask a question. Not so long ago I observed a lot of people shopping in the grocery store, and talking to themselves, until I learned about the hands free method of talking on a phone without a visible phone.  
 Party lines didn’t mean a line to a party. It meant your personal business was being shared by anyone that happened to be on your party line, such as the modern Facebook and many other ‘tell the world about it’ web sites.  If you wanted someone to know something you had to get out the stationary and a pen, and actually write it out and send it by mail.  Wouldn’t it be terrible if we had to go back to that?

My mother was born in 1905, and she once said the one invention that she appreciated the most was the electric washing machine. She was speaking of the first one invented with a wringer attached, and the wringer was not automatic, you had to guide the item through it while turning the handle.
 It wasn’t long until a way was made to make the wringer automatic, but you would still guide the item through it. Finally the spin method was made. Families had large families, mainly because a sure fire method of birth control had not been discovered, and that is very likely the reason I am here. One brother is only two years older. There were eight kids. The Mom of the family did a huge laundry each week with a washtub and scrub board, and then had to hang it on a line outside to dry. The electric dryer was another great invention.

I remember our first radio and how much we enjoyed it, and going from an ice box to a refrigerator. I thought the microwave was a fabulous invention. I would hate to live without one now.

Watching the evolution of the computer age is amazing. We probably haven’t seen anything yet.  I believe pigs will fly.

Similar to the one we had.