Thursday, September 19, 2013

Falsified World

We live in a falsified world. It seems that everyone is trying to cheat someone. Go grocery shopping, and you will see that not only have the prices risen, the can or box look the same, but it’s smaller and has less ounces than their original version had.

Coffee cans have the side caved in so it will hold less. A toilet tissue roll is narrower. One time I bought tomatoes from a fruit stand, and there was a sign over the top that said “Local Tomatoes” when I got home I discovered one of the tomatoes had a little sticker that said California. This is Washington State. I suppose once he put them in the stand they were local.

Pepsi or Coke is on sale. You need to buy four or you pay regular price. The next sale they have the stipulation that you can only buy one at this sale price. It’s a game, and the coach is out to lunch.

Online shopping is very convenient, but once you order from a business they have your email address so they can send you all their ads with the deceiving promises.  Half price it says, but you have to buy two so you get one for free. Otherwise it is not half price. I only want one. Or Free Shipping, but when you look further you are required to buy seventy five dollar amount or the shipping is not free. Who do they think I am? Oprah!

Appliances formerly would last forty or fifty years, and now they last ten or twelve years if you’re lucky. My hot water heater had a six year warranty and went bonkers in seven years.

We think our Sport figures are just fabulous because they outdo everyone else. Then we find that they have been taking a secret drug of some kind to enhance their performance.

Or they weren’t really singing the National Anthem, they were lip syncing. Then we hear, “oh no they didn’t and oh yes they did for six months.”  A beautiful lady wins the Miss America contest, and then you hear, “She is not even American, she is from India.” Just shut up for once. Why should you care where she came from? She is American now or she could not have entered the contest. It turns out she was born in America.

This is all the stupid deceptive things I can think of right now. You can probably make a list as well.

Cheer up! the best is yet to come, and that is false advertising.