Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A few Old Things

Taken a few years ago. My two youngest brothers, Gene and Hollis.

This was back when a picnic was to take your food to a park or the woods, and spread it out on the ground and eat.
1946 or so. Left to right, Bud (my husband), me, Mary, Arthur(father-in-law) Lucinda(MIL) The boy is Little Wayne. We called him that because he had an uncle with that name. We sometimes still call him little Wayne. His Dad, Leonard behind him. They are now all deceased except me and little Wayne.

Remembering When
By Bill Boyd, Perkins, Ok

Do you remember when?
The noon meal was called dinner and the
evening meal was called supper?
You went outside to the toilet and ate inside?
Folks said: “I’m much obliged” instead of
“thank you?”
Seeing a picture show for a dime was delightful
Red Christmas socks were hung near the Red Cedar
Christmas tree?
Cardinals sang their melodies, perched above
The snowy landscape?
The aroma of peanuts roasting in the oven,
excited the palate?
The handshake was a binding contract?
Eating snow ice-cream was a winter treat?
Blue-bib overalls were considered fancy dress?
Wagons were pulled by horses, instead of tractors?
Piggly Wiggly was popular as Wal-Mart nowadays?
Western movies were shown at the Mecca and
Camera theaters?
Every Saturday night at 11:30, previews were shown
at the Aggie Theater?
The Glencoe cotton gin was like money in the bank?
Gene Autry did a show at the Campus Field House?
Where did I lay my glasses?