Sunday, June 29, 2014

In The Far Past

My flowers needed a frame.

When I used to type at the desk top computer with my hands over the keyboard, I seldom made a mistake, and now I peck out the letters like texting and I can't get anything right. Spellcheck must be from my era, it suggested ‘taxing’ for the word ’texting’. I guess it is taxing to be texting. Anyway it is for me.
My typing teacher would turn over in his grave if he could see how people type today. We had the old typewriter with the paper, and no eraser so you had to learn to do it right or else you would be out of a job. We even had to learn shorthand. A lot of the very young generation probably doesn’t even know what it means.
 You would be called into the boss’s office to take a letter. I always think of Carol Burnett and Tim whatshisname. I can’t remember it right now. Anyway she would take her shorthand book, and go into his office, the way she walked the little distance to his office was the funniest thing of all. The lady was a riot.

I got off the subject there for a minute. Well back to the olden days. Latin was a subject that was required in our school at that time. Latin scared the bejeebers out of me, how would I ever learn Latin. I even had trouble with English. So I dropped out of school and got married. Well, I got out of that jam, didn’t I?
That wasn’t really the reason I got married, but I guess it’s as good as any. There are no good reasons to get married at age 17. 

 Home Ec was another subject that has been rejected, which I think is a big mistake. I learned a lot in that class that was truly helpful to my future. They need more, down to earth, studies of that nature.
Everything seems to be geared toward getting a career. We need lessons on living life with budgets, raising kids, etc.
Most parents learn as they go along. Raising kids is not the same as adopting a pet. You can’t just give them a name and feed them.

I have more beeping gadgets around here.
What was that, the cell phone, the microwave, the TV or my hearing aide?  I’ll bet the three bears didn’t have to put up with that.