Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Little Rant

There are so many commercials on TV and the Web about looking younger. You would think, looking old, is the worse possible thing that can happen to you. Not everyone has the money to buy all those expensive creams and surgeries. And a lot of people wouldn’t buy it if they could.
Why is it such a terrible thing to look old? We old people get our feelings hurt with all this being run down because we look old. How does that differ from a racial remark?
Heaven help you if you happen to be of a different race and also old. Why is it so hard to accept people just as they are, fat,wrinkled, grey,bent,old, skinny, ugly or just plain ready to check out. 
The commercials are convincing the world that it is an utter disgrace to look old. Maybe they should start making mask’s for us old folks to wear so no one will have to see our old faces. I could wear a wig and a mask so I can be 85, but no one needs to know.