Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Monday

Today I’m driving the Van on Tieton Drive on my way to buy toilet tissue, on sale at Shopko. I never  pass up a good bargain. Wouldn’t you know I’d get behind one of those stupid buses that make a stop at every corner to load/unload passengers. I looked back to make sure the coast was clear and there was nothing behind me at all so I pull out in the other lane to pass said bus. I am even with the bus when I hear this siren horn sound and glance in the mirror and the big red lights are right on my tail. I glance at my speed and it is exactly 35 which is the speed limit on that street. I whip around the bus and the big cruiser with the siren and red lights was moving on. I thanked my lucky stars right then and there, bless his heart; he was in a hurry.  Where did it come from? It must have dropped out of the sky because there was nothing behind me two seconds before. After buying toilet paper, I stopped at nearby store and bought tomatoes, corn, strawberries and a cantaloupe. The cantaloupe is delicious. The first good one I have bought this year.
That is my excitement for Monday.