Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hodgepodge of Pictures

Just a few old pictures. No rhyme or reason.

The Lockwood family
 Letha, Cecil, Ray, Lorrene, Bennie, Hollis, Gene, Carol, Dennis.
The last time we were all together.

Grandma Potter and me 1945
Bud, my husband in our early years.
He always had a newspaper in his face.

Lorrene, Marge and Leonard.
(my sis and bro in law)

Gene, my brother and all the grandkids he could pack in there, 

Glen, Bud, Wayne and Mary,
My husbands siblings. 

My great grand in the middle and her friends.

Emily and her niece, Shelby
My grand and great grand.

Gene (Carol in back) Ray
My siblings

Bud Lemaster