Thursday, August 20, 2015

Baffled Bewildered and Befuddled

The other day a girl from the lung doctor called and wanted to set up my appointment. Since I'm an experienced appointment attender, I didn't question the motive. Not to her, but I did talk it over with myself. as to why they would need to see me a year later. I was there about a year ago with a lung problem, but I am okay now. I was told to come in about ten minutes early to fill out paper work. No problem, I'm experienced in that field as well. I got all gussied up and arrived in plenty of time to fill out papers. I gave her my insurances cards and a copy of the medicine, she copied them, and told me to take a seat and wait.
She didn't mention paper work so I didn't mention it either. 
Finally a girl came out and led me to the room after she weighed me, and by the way I weighed my purse as well and it weighed 3 lbs 4 ozs. I thought I may as well get my moneys worth while there. Then she led me to the little room and took my blood pressure. It was extra high for some reason. 
When the Doctor comes in she wants to know what is happening with me. I told her nothing was wrong and I'm feeling fine. Then she asked why I made the appointment.  I told her someone from her office had called and set up the appointment. She decided it was a computer glitch, and it happens sometimes. 
So she dismissed me and I came home. I think it sounds more like an untrained employee, but what do I know. I just do as they say.  

I just received an explanation of benefits from my insurance company. They paid this doctor $72.35 for this so called computer glitch.