Thursday, August 13, 2015

Patience With Portal Patient

These electronic times are so frustrating at times. I have an 8 AM medical appointment in the morning. When the appointment was made I was told to go online and fill out my medical history with Portal Patient. The medical field has developed it so they can save a bunch of paper work.  I had no problem locating the place and filling out the information. It took about an hour because I have a lot of history. Have I had measles, what year? 1941(?). It asked about each childhood ailment. I've had them all because they didn't have the immunizations for anything in my youth. I had Mumps, Measles, Chickenpox, Whooping Cough plus the Flu and Pneumonia numerous times. No wonder I'm so tough. Then it went into the surgeries. How can you remember what all you had done, much less the year. Anyway it took about an hour to finish it. When I sent it, a message  came on that said there was a conflict in the data base, and my information had been terminated. Grrrrr but I thought it was just a computer glitch of some kind so I went through it again and the same thing happened at the end. So I decided to forget it and explain it to them when I go in. Today I got the reminder call and with it was a message that in the event I didn't fill out the medical history online, I would need to come in an hour and a half early so I could fill it out and also my appointment may be rescheduled. That meant I would need to go in at 6:30 instead of 8. ha ha ha ha. So I called and asked if they  are open at 6:30. I told her what happened and she typed my info into her handy dandy little computer and told me that my information came through just fine. WHEW!!!
It's  enough to make you develop more medical problems.