Monday, February 15, 2016

Life in the Slow Lane

On December 17th I broke out with Shingles. They can be bad and they were bad. I have had them until now. It's now February and I do believe they are history. I have thought that severely time in the past two months, and it turned out to just be a good day.  Maybe today is just a good day. 
I am so out of it half the time I wouldn't know. Thismorning I took something to the mail box to mail.  Polly,my neighbor, was out pulling up weeds. She told me there wouldn't be any mail today. I took her word for it, but had to think about it for awhile before I decided it must be presidents day. 
I have two new great grandchildren now, A little girl from China. I think she was about 17  months old. 
Her name is Hailey, her sister is Chloe.
Parents are Jim and Cora Huffman.

This is Tyler. He was born January 27. 
His parent are Emily and Jeff Faris.
Emily's identical twin had a baby girl 
January 28 three years ago.
Chloe and her cousin, Tyler

Cora, Tyler and Chloe