Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Old Family Pictures

Lorrene and Carol(It's me and my little sister on the right)

His name is Kenny. My oldest son.

Grandpa and Cora (our third grandchild)

This goes back to 1950.  Our first born, Kenny.
Look at that hair. 

Our second son, Mel. giving his little sister a hug.
Mel, taken several years ago.

Bud, he loved our two poodles Buffie and Sissy.

This is Grandpa with Trent, our second Grandchild.
They are both deceased.

This is Hailey and and her sister, Chloe,
My granddaughters.

This little guy is my latest grandchild, Tyler and Chloe.

Chloe loves her little sister

This is Cora,  my granddaughter.
She is the mother of Chloe and Hailey.
This is the parents of Chloe and Hailey.

I love these old pictures. Kenny, going to take a nap he said.