Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Dying Blog Era

Blogs are a thing of the past. I use mine to post family pictures and to gripe about my latest illness or experience I've had with the medical world. Speaking of them brings a flood of peeves. You just walk through their door, and they'll drag you to their scale. I've lost a big bunch of weight lately and when I went to my doctor this week the Nurse walked me right past the scale/weighing room. Can you imagine that! My doctor doesn't know how much I weigh this week. What kind of a doctor is that?
I guess they do pretty well with what they have to work with. Look at us! we are always whining about everything that is wrong with us. Unless you're like my friend, Alice. She and I were neighbors to start with, but when I moved from the neighborhood we remained friends. I always took her to her  doctor appointments. When she came out of his office, she knew how many kids he has, what his wife's name is, where he lives and any other thing you never really wanted to know. I miss Alice.