Saturday, September 9, 2017

Blue Skies Will Come Again

  It is bluer today than yesterday. Smoke was so horrible you could almost choke on it. It's still smoky, but not nearly as bad as it was. 
There is the man killer hurricane on the way to kill and destroy as many as it can. I can't imagine why anyone would think they will be okay if they stay there. I think some people just like to prove something. If they don't prove it, they'll be too dead to care. 
I haven't heard anything about the fires since the hurricane is front and center stage.
Hurricanes destroy more than fires, at least where homes are concerned. 
 Living without wheels is a pain in the rear. How is this any different than living in a prison cell?
Well, maybe there is something on TV other than storms. 
I shall take a look. It's lunch time so I can eat, which I live for or do I eat to live. In my case I live to eat. 
Till next time.