Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow Storms and Ice Cream

Since I get up with the chickens every morning, 9 O’clock seems like noon to me. I wanted to go to BiMart for something. They open at 10 on Sunday’s. It was not 10 yet and several others were already waiting for 10. Finally one of the men began to yell through the door, "open the store, we are tired of waiting and we are talking about getting in our cars and leaving".
I didn’t hear that conversation, but I am a little bit deaf in my old age. Finally the clerk opened the door and said, "it’s not 10 yet". Loud mouth said, "you need to open earlier on the weekend, we have things to do". She said, "I don’t set the hours". He said, "I’m going to call this outfit and tell them about it". I’m sure that clerk didn’t care much about working on Sunday anyway and than has to open the door to that. I hope her day got better.
Now that spring has arrived or should have arrived I have been craving ice cream. Dairy Queen is my ice cream of choice. I have been wishing for it the past several evenings and talk myself out of it because it is evening and I just don’t feel like going after it. Today I thought of it in the afternoon so Minnie and I decide to on an ice cream run. She is all excited to go for a car ride so I decide to go to the Dairy Queen that is a little farther away so she can enjoy the car ride. Minnie is a dog. In case a stranger should read this and think I’m talking about my mother or somebody like that. We are driving along and run into a blinding snowstorm, hail and snow. I had to turn on the wipers it was so bad. I am thinking, here I am going for ice cream in a snowstorm when I pass a man jogging along the side of the road in shorts and a tee-shirt. He looked dumber than I did. At least nobody knew what I was doing. Outside of that, today has been going good. My newspaper came in a timely manner. For that, I am grateful. I didn’t have to call the newspaper and yell at them. I’ll bet the man could get that newspaper told off.
Karen and Dennis have a wonderful system worked out, when to go for Dairy Queen. If they happen to see 3 Dairy Queen commercials within a certain time period they are allowed to go for the ice-cream. They try to be good and not eat too much ice-cream, but the rule they have set about it sort of alleviates some of the guilt. I think that’s the reason for it. There must be a reason.