Monday, May 26, 2008

Cord Nonsense

Don’t tell me cords are inanimate objects. Maybe my cords are different than your cords. They have a life of their own. I can leave three extension cords lying side by side and come back in fifteen minutes, the cords will be wrapped around each other and in a tangled mess. I am sure my curling iron and the hair dryer are in love. The cords are always wrapped together and I am not the one that wraps them together.


Jimh. said...

Your electronics are plotting against you! Maybe all of them will get together and breed, and in a few months you will have a Plasma Screen!??

Cora said...

So are the curling iron and the hairdryer dating or are they engaged yet? Are you epecting a little curling/dryer soon?

grandma said...

They must use birth control because this has been going on for years and no babies yet.

That Plasma Screen sure sounds good though. A hair dryer and curling iron would probably produce a halfbreed like an early day battery operated radio.