Friday, October 24, 2008

It's a Bundle Deal

Some days I just seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I don't like to waste days like that so today I called the Internet provider and complained about the lousy speed of their server. I went from super high speed with a cable company because I hated their phone service. You know everything is a bundle these days. You can't have one without the other.
It was a phone service that was constantly off line and I can't wait for the phone to start working if my house catches on fire or somebody is breaking in. So I gave up my super high speed because it was a package deal. If you take just one of the services it cost three times as much. So now I have a TV service that I love and the phone is never out of order, but the Internet speed stinks. It's almost as slow as I am and I pay $21.99 a month because it's a package deal and if I drop just that they will charge me $20.00 more a month for the other two services.
After I gripped and moaned and belly ached at them for an hour I decided to give them a rest and call the Cable company again. I live in Washington and was talking to a man in Missouri. At least he wasn't in India. I told him that I had received in the mail from his company that they were offering a bundle deal for $69.99 month. It seems that it only includes basic TV. Just a few local channels was about all that one had. He explained all the bundle deals they have and I asked as many questions as I could think of. I think he may have even missed his break. I asked him if they had improved the phone service. I told him what I think of bundle deals and that I think they should be outlawed and that I had written a letter to the FTC about it. He wasn't the slightest bit impressed. You can't impress a Missourian.
The bottom line is that their service would have cost even more than what I am paying now. It's a bundle deal you can't have one without the other.. Sounds like some good lyrics for a song.