Saturday, October 25, 2008


This modern technology is having a run-away. Your grand kids run around with things plugged into their ears. They can't hear a word you're saying because they are listening to their music.

You have nine hundred TV stations to watch. You can get on line and chat with somebody that lives on the other side of the world. I guess the next thing will be to explore and visit other planets. I mean regular folks will be able to do it. Probably not until they find a Mall on one of them. When that happens the shoppers will find a way. It makes life interesting. Imagine if we were still trying to invent the wheel. We used to churn butter by putting the cream in a fruit jar and shaking the daylights out of it until it turned into butter. How exciting would that be?


Erin said...

When I was a kid we actually use to take up the whole weekend going around visiting family and friends. Now I blog and send e-mails and never see anyone but those I live with, work with, or occassionaly see at WalMart. I have seen the lady at Jack in the Box drive thru more than my family. I never see my money, but the computer tells me it is there. Good point, I wonder what is next?

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You are sooo right.. every year there is something new..
But just think we wouldn't be able to blog if they didn't keep coming up with great
Have a Great Sunday..

okie said...

Some of us who have Grandkids have to wait on them to come around to show us how to fix it if we mess up,or how to do it. Some of them are 10 years or younger.

Cora said...

It is amazing. I makes me wonder what my kids will be doing in the future. I just hope that I can keep up.