Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Day I met my In laws

I was a mere child when I married. At the ripe old age of 17 to be exact. "What was the urgency you might ask"? Let me assure you, I cannot answer that one because I am totally clueless as to the reason. I just chalk it up to "young and very dumb". The marriage took place and we took a trip to the state of Washington to take up residence because that was where my new husband's family lived. I was a bit apprehensive about meeting my new in laws because I knew we would be living with them because this was the era right after the WW2 and rentals were next to impossible to find. People were getting married left and right and looking for housing. Well, meet them I did!!! I was expecting to be judged, but not at that exact minute. The following picture pretty much sums it up. My first thought was, "I wonder if this place has a back door."

The above post is just a spoof, meant to be funny. It is an actual picture of my in laws, but my in laws were absolutely wonderful people and couldn't have been nicer to me.