Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jury Duty Selection

Oops, I've been nailed by the court system. They need me for jury duty. I'd rather be needed for hog slopping duty. Jury duty can be, and usually is the most boring thing you can imagine. Anyway the ones I have been on are boring. How can you stay awake and pretend you are alert when it's just boring. You can't let yourself nod off because the Judge is eye-balling you every minute. I have heard that if you nod off they shoot you with the taser gun. It'll wake you up. You have to be dead to get out of jury duty, and you have to be alive once you are in there. Once upon a long time ago my daughter-in-law was called for Jury duty. She has a day care and had five or six kids. She attempted to convince the court that the parents of those kids needed her services. They had no alternative sitters and it would be an extreme hardship on everybody if she had to serve. I guess they had heard that excuse before because they said, "No". So she packed up her kids and took them with her. She strolled into that court room like Mother Goose with her little goslings following behind her, and brought along small toys and sippy cups for the kids in case they got restless.
Three and four year olds get restless in a matter of seconds. They played with their toys and became louder and louder and louder. Finally the Judge called the Bailiff up and told him to tell the lady with the children that she can be dismissed. I don't know if she has ever been called back for jury duty or not. They probably don't allow kids in the jury selection room anymore.