Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sleepless in Yakima

This is a picture of Tylor, another great grandson. He is a brother of AJ. He is 14 and goes to school a block from my house so he comes here every day after school and AJ picks him up. The neighbors across the street where the cars are, have a problem finding parking spaces for all their vehicles. One of their places to park was in front of my mailbox. The carrier wasn't too happy about it so I wrote a note and put it on their car asking them very kindly to please leave room for the mail carrier to get to my mail box. They totally ignored me. After all I guess it's a free country and they can park where they want to. One day another neighbor came over with my mail. He said the mail man had given it to him because he couldn't get to my mail box. He also told me the police had been called. I don't know what happened, but they haven't parked in front of my mail box again. I know that must be very uninteresting, but I have nothing else to write about.
I am a true dyed in the wool, bona fide basket case. I woke up at one something this morning. There was no way my brain would let me go back to sleep. After lying there peeking at the clock every five minutes for a solid hour I decided if my stupid brain thinks I don't need anymore sleep than so be it. I crawled out of bed at two AM and turned on the coffee pot and turned on TV while I ate a piece of toast. Not much on TV at that hour so don't worry about missing something unless you like advertisements for sleeping pills. Except the news channels are on. Do you know they stay up all night and babble on and on about those auto makers. The CEO's of the auto makers have agreed to receive a one dollar salary for a year. Would you do that? Could it be because you have not been making a million dollars a year for the past several years. Fritz Henderson is the president of General motors. This news is kind of interesting. Two shoppers in a Toys R Us store got into a little tiff about something and it developed into a full blown guns drawn battle. They were chasing each other all over the store and people and kids were screaming. They were firing their guns and finally shot and killed each other. True story. No wonder I can't sleep. I remember about 50 years ago we had a murder take place in this town and it was talked about for years. Now it happens about once a month.
The early morning rambling of an insomniac.


Jimh. said...

Wow, tht must've been one killer toy! I wonder if cars started exploding...whenever a gun battle ensues in a movie, at least one car explodes. They mke it look common place, maybe that's why car makers are losing money. Strange thing though, I have never seen a car explode. Makes me think Hollywood is behind the economy drop though...

Cora said...

Love the pictures of the boys but next time you see them tell them to stop growing, LOL. I think they are all taller than me now.
We have similar issues with our neighbors but we don't have a mailbox so we can't call the cops but they do like to park infront of our house even though they have a corner lot so they have parking all the way around the house, Ugg.
We only have 2 little spaces.
Sorry you can't sleep, but if you are awake you should read the Twilight books they are all the rage, :0)

Brandi Ross said...

I have had the same problem where I live. I live in a neighborhood with nothing but duplexes. I think we are about the only ones that aren't college students. People keep parking in front of our mailbox and the mailman has left a note twice. I called the cops once and they told me there was no ordinance stating that you couldn't park in front of the mailbox but that I should call the post office and ask their advice on what to do...well the guy at the post office told me to call the police! I also left a note, but probably not as nice as yours. I asked the lady cop that answered the phone if I could just call a towing company and tell them to pick up a vehicle in front of my mailbox and she was VERY clear that I could not, lol. What gets me is all of the duplexes are 3 bedroom and we all have a 2 car garage and 2 extra parking spots....HOW MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN ONE DUPLEX?!?!?! And why must everyone park on the street?!?!?!?! Sometimes I can't get out of my driveway very easily and can barely fit my little Corolla down the road. It is all very irritating. So, sometimes I get my mail and sometimes I don't. UGH! hmmmm....maybe I need a blog of my own lol. Love you and Miss you!

E said...

About my Christmas picture. I am the little one. I loved that tree. I just realized this year I decorated the entire tree in Red, white and silver! Now I know why. too bad I don't still have the big light that went behind the tree and would shine a different color on the tree every minute or so.