Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flood Control

It goes from arctic weather to Hawaiian weather overnight. First it’s freezing temperatures and then the snow comes and keeps coming. Suddenly it turns to rain and warm temperatures and melts all the snow in a few hours. The weather station is now the most exciting channel on TV. My brother lives in Snoqualmie Washington. I talked to him today and they just barely escaped having their house flooded. It came within 8 inches of getting into their house. When he had the house built several years ago he said they were just ready to start building when the Inspector of such things did their inspection and told him it didn’t meet with the flood control specs. He would be required to put enough fill dirt in to raise it another two feet. He was pretty upset about that news at the time because of the extra expense and delay. They have had about five or six floods over the years and this last one is the worse one yet, but it didn’t get into their house. He told me, and these are his words, not mine. “You know, if I ever run into that old boy that made me haul all that fill dirt in here, I’ll be tempted to kiss his ass, if it doesn't draw too big of a crowd.” I guess that is true gratitude.