Monday, January 12, 2009

The Piggy Banker

Friday I received an E-bill from one of my Visa cards. I noticed it said my next payment would be $45.00. That is ridiculous because it has been about $17 a month.
So that was a red flag that I decided to look into. I called the Card Company and was told my payment was received 8 days late. I couldn't argue very efficiently because I didn’t have my records in front of me. They had charged me $39.00 for a late payment.
While I was talking about it to him he said as a courtesy he would reduce the charge to $19.00. So I hung up and was upset with myself because I must have overlooked a payment. When I dug out my records, I had not neglected a payment. They keep changing their payment due day. Sometimes it’s the end of the month and sometimes it is after the first of the next month. I had forgotten that I made my payment early so it would be sure to be there in case they wanted to change the due date again. By now it is too late to call back and straighten them out so I had to stew and fret about it all weekend. I am the queen of "stew and fret" if there is something to stew and fret about. I called the first thing this morning. I talked to a different person this time and I told him that payment was not 8 days late, it was for the next month. He said the payment came in before the statement had been generated, and therefore it was applied to the last month’s account.
I still wonder why the man I talked to Friday only reduced the charge to $19.00. He was looking at the record and must have known what really happened. He just let me think I had paid 8 days late. Cheats me out of $19.00 and makes me think he is doing me a favor.
If they had real people instead of automated machines doing everything, it probably would have been applied to the next month’s account. He is crediting my account the $39.00. I told him I would like to charge the bank $39.00 because they made a mistake on my account. If they can charge us $39.00 for making a mistake, why can’t we charge them for making a mistake. He informed me that the bank did not make a mistake. It was not applied properly so I call that a mistake. Well, I gave in and decided I would not charge them. hehehe
I had a former job that required me to deal with irate customers, so I just love being on the other end of it for a change. The first thing Monday morning, how perfect was that?