Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing Much

Today I went looking for bargains. First I went to Sears to cash in the remainder of a gift certificate. A few dollars was left on it so I found a small bottle of cologne that I like. I bought it and looked at a few clothing items. From there I went to Borders to look at books. A very nice couple was so generous to give me a Borders gift Certificate for Christmas. When I walked into the place an alarm went off. Everybody turned to see whom the thief might be. I didn’t know the protocol of what to do in that situation, as to whether I should throw my hands up in the air or dive for the floor. A store clerk came running over. I told him that I had just arrived and I didn’t take anything. He asked if I had come from another store. I told him I had a small package in my purse that I bought at Sears. It was still in the bag with the receipt. He said he could cancel it or deactivate it or whatever they call it. So he did. An alarm didn’t go off when I left Sears. Borders didn’t ask to see the receipt or anything like that, I guess it happens a lot. It just had never happened to me before. That’s how dull my life is. That was the high point in my day. I bought three books and came home.