Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jim (March 30)

This is Jim, the artist, the teacher, the comedian, the cook, the jokester, the handyman, the husband of Cora (my number two granddaughter). We think we will keep him.
Have a wonderfully happy birthday, Jim.
Now for a little birthday advice:
If anybody says, "pull my finger, just say "no".


Jimh. said...

I love that card! And thank you! I am glad I rate my own post! Well, I think you have it covered. Thanks Grandma!

Jan said...

Happy birthday Jim. :) Well, anybody who asks to pull a finger, I'd heed your advice and give him or her a wide berth. lol

Diane said...

Well, Happy Birthday Jim! Indeedy, you sound like a 'keeper'!!!

Have a great day Grandma!!!


Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

Birthdays are too much fun. Sad to say I stopped counting mine a couple years ago. But my daughter says I will forever be in my 20's.... That usually follows with a statement like "May I have ....???" or "can you take me somewhere...???"

ENjoy your birthday Jim.

The rafter family