Friday, March 6, 2009

The Last Straw

I think this might be a comedy of errors, although I’m not laughing very hard. If you have been reading my other post, this is to let you know that I finally have an appointment with the orthopedic doctor. My doctor's office told me again that they had sent the Fax to the orthopedic office. That makes about six times they have told me they faxed it. I told her that I had called the orthopedic place and they have never received the fax. I also gave her the fax number. She said they would fax it again. They got it right this time. Now I have to wait until the 18th of March. Had they taken care of it a week ago I would be getting in a week sooner. Why do I have to do their work for them? They should have followed up the first time I called and found out the fax didn’t go through. Would that be expecting too much? Instead they kept telling me it would take the orthopedic place up to a week to set up the appointment. Yes, just to set up an appointment. Maybe if they would fire all the dumb people and hire smart ones it would turn the economy around. It was just a thought.