Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let Us Wait Awhile

This is a WAIT issue.

One day around the first part of December my knee started aching. I waited until I was sure it wasn't going to leave on it's own before I called the doctors office. Then I had to wait for the appointment. He wanted X-ray’s so I had to wait for that appointment. Then I had to wait until Dr received X-rays. I was called and set up for an appointment with the doctor, which I had to wait for. Meantime my knee is getting worse with each passing day. Finally the day arrives for the doctor appointment and I get a shot of cortisone in the knee, which was suppose to make the pain disappear in about 48 hours. 48 hours turned into exactly one week before the pain subsided. I had another follow up appointment with the doctor to see how it was doing, and there was no pain that day, but before the week was over it came back with a vengeance. I called the doctor and had to wait for an appointment for an MRI. Then I had to wait for the results of the MRI to get to the doctor. Now I'm waiting for the doctor's sidekick to get me an appointment with an orthopedic doctor because I have a torn cartilage. I waited two days and then it was the weekend, so two more days and I am still waiting and my ankles are now swollen, whatever that means. It's been almost three months and I'm still on hold. Getting pain pills from a doctor in this town is next to impossible. Everybody is a potential drug addict, and they wouldn't want to aid and abet that habit. I just hate to get my drugs from a drug dealer because they won't accept insurance.


Cora said...

Yes waiting sucks! sorry your knee is still bothering you joint pain is the worst because it hurts when ever you move. You want to do stuff and can't cause it will hurt.
Hope you hear soon.

Diane said...

Oh, Grandma, I am so sorry you're still in pain. I am praying for relief from pain and a quick appointment with the ortho doc. I just had to giggle at your last line though! Too bad those guys don't take insurance, huh? Much quicker than doctors and their ever-unavailable staff! Feel better!


Jen said...

Hope you can still walk into the Doctor's office when they finally get you that appointment! Good luck, and sorry about the knee :(

Jimh. said...

I said it once nd I will sayit again, Insurance Companies are thieves. Maybe Doctors aren't far behind..but they rob BOTH your wallet and you time...

I DO hope you feel better!

Raggedy Girl said...

Praying for you. Waiting is so horrible but I guess there is a blessing in that they did find something wrong and are willing to fix it...even if it takes forever. Hang in there.

Roberta Anne

Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

I am praying for your pain to go away. What is the matter with doctors these days.... Oh yeah they are so busy they forget about going to church and then the result is poorer care in the office.... oh darn.. I wonder how many doctor's make time for God so that he may help them help us. Hang in there. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Your comment about drug dealers not taking insurance made me laugh, but I'm not laughing about your pain. It is difficult to find doctors willing to manage pain even though there's proof that people in real pain don't get adicted. I hope the ortho doctor comes through. I'd call them daily until they were willing to put me in the next empty spot or cancellation. Can your regular doc help speed things up?

I guess you won't be dancing any jigs for St. Patrick's Day. :-( Here's hoping for a relatively easy fix, Lorrene

A Trivita Mom said...

Been there done that, I understand, I have RA and it has hit the knees, but I did find releif using a gel that is actually cooling as opposed to heating and it takes all the heat out of the knees (arthritis makes the joints hot) and it took away the pain for at least several hours. To me any product that works on arthritis pain and swellin is a miracle product.
if I can post a link to the product
here it is if not just go ahead and delete it

Prayers you feel better soon!!