Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Dennis Engel

Happy Birthday DennisOne of these clowns is my son-in-law and today is his birthday.
I just want to brag a little about his accomplishment of his part in the building in the New Tacoma Narrows Bridge. He spent so many trips and evening hours on the bridge project, his wife began calling the bridge "the other woman". Here he is finally introducing her to "to the other woman".

This was "Show Off" day for the bridge and a few thousand people walking over it .


Cora said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Dentist, I mean Dennis. Which clown is he again :0)

Diane said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Dennis! You did a fine job with 'the other woman'!!!! :) Sure happy to hear the 'affair' is over though!

Have a great day Grandma!

Many hugs........


Jan said...

Happy birthday, Dennis!

That's one towering great woman you've got an affair with there. I'm sure all the entanglements, all the huffing and puffing made it all worth it. And look - the whole community, you've got them voting with their feet. A first case of an affair celebrated and loved by a whole community.

I wish you've a great celebration.

Roy said...

I came here from Jan's blog, and I got curious because you were actually wishing your son-in-law a happy birthday?! lol

seriously though, I love the first picture and the caption - "one of these clowns is my son-in-law" hehe... makes me want to ask "which one?" lol

your daughter has quite a competition there, here's wishing that after seeing thousands of people walking over 'her' the affair would end lol

and I almost forgot... Happy birthday!

Jimh. said...

Obviously, Uncle Dennis is the one on the right...I'd recognize that cheezy grin anywhere, but when did he get hair?

That is quite a bridge! I sill need to get over and see that darned thing!

Rafter's-n-Henderson said...


Just think Generations and Generations to come will enjoy all the hard work and long hours you put into such an amazing, useful, beautiful new part of the city/country... Amazing.

Have a wonderful day.


Holly Jahangiri said...

Hard to compete with such a well-built woman, but it looks like your wife has nothing to worry about...

Happy birthday, Dennis!

Dennis said...

Despite what Jim says, I am the handsome guy on the right....I mean the left, yea that's it the left.

Thank you for the B Day wishes!

Good one MIL

Anonymous said...

Hi, Grandma Lorrene! Happy Birthday Dennis!

Thanks for visiting my blog, Lorrene. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy yours.

By the way--I love your tulips! Can't wait to get some growing here in Denver. I sure miss the Skagit Tulip Festival...I sure miss green, rain and water!


2Grandmas2 said...

I loved watching that bridge come together. It is indeed a thing of beauty. I've been over it a few times lately. I am in awe, and then also remember that film clip of "galloping gertie."