Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Day

I ventured out today and visited the Wal-Mart. I went at 8 AM in order to avoid the rush in case there was one. I hate grocery shopping. The ad’s come out on Wednesday and every store has a bargain item or two. These stores are scattered all over town. Gas is coming up again, so it’s hardly worth driving all over town trying to find a bargain. May as well spend it all in the same store and save your gas. I hate coupons even more. Why can’t they just put it on sale and forget those senseless coupons. There must be some sound reasoning there somewhere, but I fail to see what it is. How many of you love rebates? Isn’t that just the most fun thing in the world to go to all that trouble and then maybe you’ll get it and maybe you won’t. I finally bought a few petunia plants to put in the pot on the patio. I am so glad to get back to normal life again after that bout with the ailing knee. I don’t have another doctor appointment until the end of September. As you can see there is nothing going in my life I’m just trying out for the Most Boring Person Award.
Till next time.