Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bewildered Bewitched and Beyond

I withdraw the Salute to the Newspaper

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks, and you cannot teach the local newspaper new tricks either. I thought having the Sunday paper discontinued would not be a big unheard of operation. I was so wrong. As you can see from my previous blogs I had quite a time making them understand what I wanted. I thought they finally understood what I meant, but apparently not because they left a paper for me today. I checked my calendar and it really is Sunday. Cora left a comment on my blog that it might happen.
Cora, you were right. What gave you the first clue?

Let me be the first to tell you, I will not call and remind them again. It’s as if they are telling me, "You have been taking a Sunday paper from us for 63 years and you are not about to stop now." Okay. If you say so, but I paid in advance and I didn’t pay for the Sunday paper. If I called they would discontinue the entire paper.
Now let me see, they must think I only want the Sunday paper and will stop it Monday through Saturday.
In that case they will hear from me again.