Friday, June 12, 2009

Born too Soon

I was born 50 years too soon. The news has reported that a ten-year-old girl is in trouble with the law because she was caught fighting with her sister. How about that!! I have an older brother that would be still be doing time for attempted manslaughter if they had such a law back then. I have another one, just younger than me, that would have been serving right along with him. He once chased me with an ax and I saved my life by reaching the outhouse. Thank goodness it had a lock on the door. Saved by the outhouse. I can’t say enough for outhouses.
The older brother once chased me all over the farm with a live rattlesnake. He said it was a rattlesnake and I didn’t waste any extra time arguing the point with him. He finally became so exhausted he gave up. With all that experience it’s no wonder that I won every foot race I ever ran.
Another time he tried to drown me by holding my head under the spout of the pump and pumping water on me. I have a little sister that can probably tell some very similar stories of her own.


Cora said...

Thank goodness I did not have any brothers!

Stephanie Frieze said...

I, too, was an only child, but have two boys who could have done time for attempted boyslaughter on each other.

Now about outhouses, my uncle had one on his farm on Whidbey. Frequently the plumbing in their old farm house didn't work and we had to avail ourselves of the privy. If it was at night I always woke my cousin Janice up to get the flashlight and go with me so we could make sure there were no spiders in the hole.

Jimh. said...

Ah, don't you just love siblings? I got my sister into trouble a few times, but I think we came up even on that score.

She could hold her own in a wrestling match, though. And I'd have never chased her with a snake out of concern for the snake!

jan geronimo said...

What an excitable, loving family you have, Grandma. It has made an athlete out of you. :) Cheers to outhouses then is in order.

Grandma, I have upped and left blogger. I have transferred my old blog to a new domain. It's now called

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Oh that was funny, I had an older brother who was mean to me too. There is another name for an out house here in OZ, it is also known as a thunder box, have you ever heard that term used. Sounds funny, but almost accurate.

Grandma L said...

Laughing my head off. That is so funny Cats-rockin-crochet.