Friday, June 12, 2009

Born too Soon

I was born 50 years too soon. The news has reported that a ten-year-old girl is in trouble with the law because she was caught fighting with her sister. How about that!! I have an older brother that would be still be doing time for attempted manslaughter if they had such a law back then. I have another one, just younger than me, that would have been serving right along with him. He once chased me with an ax and I saved my life by reaching the outhouse. Thank goodness it had a lock on the door. Saved by the outhouse. I can’t say enough for outhouses.
The older brother once chased me all over the farm with a live rattlesnake. He said it was a rattlesnake and I didn’t waste any extra time arguing the point with him. He finally became so exhausted he gave up. With all that experience it’s no wonder that I won every foot race I ever ran.
Another time he tried to drown me by holding my head under the spout of the pump and pumping water on me. I have a little sister that can probably tell some very similar stories of her own.