Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I don't have anything to blog about so I have decided to use an email I sent to my Son-In-Law.
This is serious stuff.


Thanks for the money. It came yesterday and I cashed it today. I am so happy to get it. I should be paying you for all the things you have done for me.
Before I start sounding too mushy here I want to tell you that the lock on the gate no longer works and I may need to hire another handy man. JUST KIDDING !!!!

I'm not kidding about the part about it not working. I discovered the gate standing wide open and when I closed it, the lock will not hold the latchie thingie or whatever it's called. I cannot see one solitary thing wrong with it. It looks perfect, but it does not work at all. So I am back to putting the meat thermometer in it to hold it shut. Did I ever tell you that a long time ago before you fixed it, I was using the meat thermometer to hold the lock shut, one of those meter readers said to me, "another use for a meat thermometer, I like that". It was a woman meter reader and us women are smart about such things. It's sort of like using a butter knife for a screw driver sort of thing. Men just don't do things that way and I'm pretty positive an engineer, such as yourself, would not even consider it.

Looks like I just wrote my next post for my blog. LOL.

Tanks again,


Cora said...

Gramma, you are too funny and a genius the meat thermometer is perfect except when you need to roast a chicken, LOL.
If you need a handyman I happen to live with one, just give us a holler. Jim would be happy to fix a gate. Although one of ours is held shut with a zip tie :0).

Jimh. said...

I can't use the Zip Tie to tell if the chicken is done, though, so Grandma might have a better idea.

2Grandmas2 said...

What a great idea. I have been using fencing know those big thick "U" shaped things with sharpened ends? Not good for telling the temperature nor for stepping on with bare feet. I think the meat thermometer is a much better idea. Besides, who takes the temperature of meat any more than twice a year (flu season)? For those couple of times a coat hanger will suffice.

E said...

I do not even own a meat thermometer. Wait come to think of it I don't eat meat.. But a candy thermometer I am very proud to say I used once when trying to make suckers.. (yeah they did not turn out)