Sunday, July 12, 2009

Top Rooster

Top Rooster

An accident is an accident. If it's not an accident, it means it was done on purpose.
Who is going to fall off of a ladder on purpose?

Whose fault is it? It always has to be the fault of somebody. We pay for the insurance and it should pay for accidents. Why should it matter if it happens to the person living on the property or if it happens to Santa Claus trying to go down the chimney? I bet they wouldn't even pay Santa Claus. The insurance companies rule the roost. If you file a claim they have the right to cancel your insurance or raise your rates. That discourages most of us from even filing a claim. Well, guess who thought up that rule. The Top Rooster at the insurance company.


Jimh. said...

Insurance Agencies are Legal Thieves!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Hear, hear, Jimh! They are very greedy indeed as we have seen amply demonstrated.