Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chicken News

Why did the chicken cross the road? I wanted to answer this age old question in a cartoon, but you are not allowed to borrow others art work because it might be copyrighted, so I make my own.
Don't make fun of my chicken. It sort of looks like a chicken, don't you think? You are so blessed because I do not have a copyright on it.
On to more mature subjects.
The weather has returned to normal. I just stepped out to go get my mail out of the box and the air show started. I live a few miles from the airport, but they fly over the house, of course. What a noise! it makes you want to run for cover. I was fascinated with it and hope they do it again. Don't ask me what kind of airplanes they are. You'll need to ask Jim, the plane person. He is my grandson-in-law. He is an artist and I know he could draw a better chicken, but he would probably put a copyright on it.